verzurrtes Auto im Container

Unloading vehicles

at the warehouse and warehouse

The Global Logistic Group has specialized in the import and export of vehicles. For us, your vehicle is not just any import item, but a collector’s item and we treat your vehicle that way. We prove this every day in the training and further education of our employees and in the purchase and maintenance of special equipment.

Unloading a car from a container

Our employees specialize in loading vehicles from containers. Among other things, the loading goggles or lifting goggles specially developed for this purpose are used. The special thing about this special device is that the body of the vehicle is not touched during unloading. Even vehicles that are not ready to drive can be loaded without damage.

This avoids the accidents and mistakes that are common in vehicle logistics.


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Your advantage with the Global Logistic Group

Our hearts are on cars. We not only unload your car in our warehouse – we examine and take care of your vehicle.

We check all common liquids such as antifreeze and oil as standard and refill them if necessary. During our comprehensive vehicle check, numerous images of all sides of the imported vehicle are created.

If the car battery has suffered as a result of the import, we have the right chargers to charge the vehicle battery. We have chargers for 12V and 6V batteries.

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Service for vehicle logistics

Service is our top priority. Do you have a question about your vehicle that has just been unloaded? Our clerks will be happy to check on your vehicle and take pictures for you directly from the warehouse.


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Customs warehouse – your advantage at a glance

As a global logistics company, it goes without saying that we have a bonded warehouse. The advantage of a bonded warehouse is that you can store goods there without customs clearance for an indefinite period of time.

This storage option is interesting for you if the vehicle or the goods are only to make a stopover in Germany and you are planning to export them again immediately. For this short episode it is not economical to pay the customs duties. You’d rather store it with us.

Save on customs and taxes when importing vehicles

Another application example of our bonded warehouse is when you import a young timer that becomes a classic car in a short time. During storage, the vehicle achieves the status of a classic car and is therefore a collector’s item and is treated completely differently in terms of customs. Storage in customs warehouses can be a great advantage here. As a short calculation example:

On a regular car you pay 10% customs and 19% import sales tax. A classic car has 0% duty and only 7% import sales tax.

Storing a vehicle in our bonded warehouse can therefore be economically relevant for you. Please ask us!

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