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Import vehicles from Asia / Japan


Numerous vehicle manufacturers come from Japan. The most famous of these are Nissan, Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Suzuki or Mitsubishi, but also brands such as Daihatsu, Lexus or Subaru come from there. In Japan itself, vehicles are increasingly being bought as new cars. The reason for this is that the prices there are the cheapest in all of Asia. Since the range of new and used cars in Japan is very large, it can be quite economical to buy a car in Japan and import it to Germany.

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Vehicles imported from Japan are initially the classic brands from Japan:

  • Nissan
  • Mazda
  • Suzuku
  • Mitsubishi
  • Lexus
  • Honda
  • Subaru
  • Acura
  • Infiniti

But in addition, many classic cars and classic even German models are imported as Reimport from Japan. This includes brands such as Mercedes or BMW as well as Porsche.

Mercedes Import

Import used cars from Japan

When importing used cars from Japan, special care must be taken that there is left-hand traffic in Japan. That means the steering wheel is on the other side than we are used to in Germany. Although the steering wheel itself is not a reason for the conversion, the lights must adapt to the German road conditions, as the asymmetry would otherwise blind oncoming traffic.
If you have any questions about the modifications of your Japanese import vehicle, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our tip: also make sure that a tuned vehicle registered in Japan will not necessarily receive approval on German roads. In Japan, other regulations apply and even heavily modified vehicles may be registered here.

Import from Japan – how’s it going?

When importing from Japan you have to pay attention to some things.
The papers must be checked. Not only the language can be an obstacle as the vehicle documents are written in Japanese. Often it makes sense to employ a translator. We have partners in Japan who check the documents for accuracy.

The transport or shipment from Japan must be organized. The Global Logistic Group is based near Bremerhaven, where the largest German port of call for vehicle imports from Japan is located. This is another reason why we specialize in the Import of vehicles from Japan.

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    Purchase and customs clearance of vehicles imported from Japan

    As a logistics company, we are happy to take over the purchase on a fiduciary basis. Of course, this also includes checking the documents. This means that we examine the vehicle and the documents for you and process the purchase completely for you.
    In Japan, buying from auction houses is very popular. We are also happy to advise you when buying from an auction house.
    The purchase formalities such as the purchase contract and the resulting values for Customs and customs clearance when importing your vehicle from Japan are no obstacle for us as a logistics company. We are happy to assist you in importing your vehicle from Asia.

    Especially when importing, of course, Transport and customs costs are incurred.

    Cost customs when importing from Japan

    The costs are percentage and have the purchase price as well as the transport costs as a basis. The percentages in exceptions may differ from the requirements mentioned here.
    Oldtimer 7%
    Car 10%
    Trucks, SUVs and Pick-Ups 22%

    The import turnover tax amounts to 19% and also has as Basis the purchase price and the transaction costs. In addition, however, the customs duty is added here.
    An exception to this are classic cars with 7%.

    Although some costs for the import and tax are incurred when importing a vehicle from Japan, it can still be economical to buy the Collector’s item there.


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