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Import Cars from Dubai and the United Arab Emirates

Aufladen Ferrari im LKW

If you want to import vehicles, luxury cars or other motorised vehicles from Dubai or the Arab Emirates, the GLG Group is the right partner for you.

May we import a vehicle from the Arab Emirates (UAE) for you? Then write us an e-mail or use our contact form.



As a globally active company in the field of vehicle Import and Export, we can make the important Arab market exclusively available to you. The advantage with an Import from Dubai, Kuwait or Qatar is that New Or Used Cars are offered there much cheaper than e.g. in Germany, Switzerland or the United States of America.



The cars are usually in perfect condition and therefore do not cause any major follow-up costs. Due to our excellent contacts to vehicles from collectors or private hands, auction houses or long-standing relationships with dealers on site, we are in the exposed position to offer you a wide range of cars.

Mercedes Import


We import your dream vehicle for you and take over all necessary steps as part of a complete service package until the car is safely on your doorstep. This Door-to-Door Service is completely stress-free for you and makes it easier to wait for your car from Dubai or the Arab Emirates.

The import of your car takes place via shipping in containers or via the popular Roll on – Roll off Service to our location in Bremerhaven in Germany.



Of course, you don’t want to wait long for such a joy as the dream vehicle from Dubai. That is why we offer the vehicle import via air freight from Dubai. This means that your vehicle will be imported directly by plane in no time. The special feature of importing by plane is that fewer vehicles are transported here. The vehicle is delivered on a transport device specially designed for air transport – so your luxury vehicle is perfectly protected when imported from Dubai.

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