Car Import to Switzerland

Mustang ford import

Do you live in Switzerland and want to buy a new car? Have you thought about saving money when buying a car by buying the vehicle abroad, e.g. Germany or the USA, and importing it into Switzerland? Despite Transport and customs clearance, the purchase abroad could be worthwhile.
For our Swiss customers, we offer the complete processing of vehicle imports from the USA, Canada or Japan to Switzerland.
As a long-standing expert in the field of vehicle logistics, all relevant regulations are familiar to us. So your vehicle is delivered ideally with you. The necessary documents are drawn up for Transport to the Swiss border. Here you can handle customs clearance and deliver your vehicle to your doorstep.

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Auto Import Germany – Switzerland

Living in Switzerland is very expensive compared to Germany. Especially you notice this when buying a car. For this reason, the Import of cars purchased in Germany to Switzerland is very popular. As an international logistics company, we are happy to take over the Import of your new vehicle or used car and deliver the car to you in Switzerland.

US CAR Import

Auto Import from USA or Canada to Switzerland

Especially US vehicles are popular in Switzerland. Lovers of these vehicles like to import the often HP-strong cars directly from the USA. The vehicles then usually land in Bremerhaven. Here the US Car comes from the ship and we are transported to you in Switzerland. We will be happy to arrange Transport and customs clearance for you.

The challenge when buying a car in the USA, however, is that you from Switzerland often only know the vehicle in photos. For this reason, we have set up a trust service for you. Our partners in the USA like to drive to your dream car and examine it. So possible defects are already recognized before the purchase and you can really look forward to your new US Car.
We have written our own article about the Transport of vehicles from the USA and Canada.

Import cars from Japan to Switzerland

Japan is now the country for cars and vehicles. Numerous popular car brands have their origin in Japan and are therefore also gladly imported from Japan to Switzerland.
During shipping and Import, some special features have to be taken into account, which we have elaborated on our page about the import of vehicles from Japan.

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