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Vehicle logistics
export and import of cars

You wish a proper transfer of your car? And don’t want to do without your unavoidable quality standards? Then you are in good hands with our multifaceted experience in vehicle logistics. Through close contact with our employees, we can offer you the highest degree of trust and reliability. In this way we favour a damage-free import/export of your vehicle.

Our logistics promise


Our responsible care of your favorite automobiles is based on the precise recording of your automobile requirements – whether classic cars, trucks or motor vehicles – we find the right transport route. The choice between air and sea freight as well as land transport by our own transport trucks. Your direct contact, Tim Horst, offers you the proper handling of the transport service. Our high quality standards are rooted in the currently valid German certifications. As an internationally operating forwarding partner we offer the transfer by export of your car to its new destination as well as the import of the desired car from Japan, Dubai or the USA.


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Mercedes Import

Often transported vehicles


The range of vehicles transferred within our services is diverse: US cars with special vehicle widths, luxury bodies with special transport requirements, and cars of remarkable dimensions. These find a convincing shipment in addition to the conventional car dimensions. Our transport service is based on the specific requirements of the vehicle.



Import & Export – Germany, USA, Switzerland and the world


One of our specialties is the import of cars from the USA. We do not only take care of the logistic organization. We also make sure that your vehicle arrives at your destination safe and sound and checked according to German standards.
We also provide this service for all other countries. Whether you want to import your vehicle into Switzerland or relocate to Dubai. With the Global Logistic Group, your car will arrive safe and sound all over the world.


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Mercedes Import

Popular targets of vehicle logistics

Vehicles are transported, imported and exported worldwide. Whether from the USA to Germany, from Dubai to Switzerland or from Japan to Hamburg – vehicle logistics is a market with worldwide coverage.
However, during our years of work we have noticed special highlights:


Vehicle import / export to Switzerland

Switzerland is not only known for its mountains. Especially for the transport of vehicles (especially the import of vintage cars) Switzerland is a special country. More about importing vehicles into Switzerland.


USA – Import and Export of US Cars

US Cars in Germany – who does not love the strong US-Cars. We have specialized in the import of cars from the USA. We offer you a trustee service, inspect your vehicle in the USA and transport it to your front door. Read more here.


Vehicle Import from Japan

The car transport route Germany-Japan is becoming increasingly popular. Of course we also transport, export and import cars with the destination: Japan.
You can read more about the import and export of cars to Japan here.



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Are you planning to transfer your car? We are your forwarding agency for the export and import of vehicles – from luxury liners to classic cars. It does not matter whether you want to import your car to Germany, or export it from Japan or the USA. Feel free to contact us for a personal consultation!


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