Landverkehr GLG


Road Transport is one of the fundamental types of logistics. The clear advantages of land transport is the incomparably efficient way of handling. The most profitable feature is the maximum flexibility. Due to the free route selection and the different transport vehicles with their individual application possibilities, our logistics company offers you a successful opportunity for cost-effective Transport. In our experience, the valued transfers of national and International vehicles, bulky high and Heavy vehicles of impressive size, trade fair and Express transports as well as door – to – door freight are professional, practice-oriented and easily implemented by trucks. Mr. Markus Freiknecht offers you professional support for trusting and efficient order processing.

vehicle transport

National and international vehicle transports are part of our daily business. We offer a variety of logistics options with our partners to professionally handle your transport needs. Our range of services extends from exclusive closed individual transport to low-cost groupage transport for up to 10 vehicles on one truck. We will also be happy to coordinate the subsequent logistics for you, such as air and sea freight, including all customs formalities. Since most transport insurances have only limited liability, we offer an additional transport insurance for each transport, so that everything is covered in the event of a claim.

LKW Autotransport


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High & Heavy


Motorhomes, boats, high & heavy equipment, construction or agricultural machinery we import, export and transport on customer’s request of course. Be it the motorhome, which is to be picked up for you on a US round trip and sent by RoRo ship, or the dump truck, which you have auctioned at auction in Saudi Arabia and now need a rate to your operation. We coordinate the interfaces at the port and take care of a timely delivery to you.

Door-To-Door Logistics

Our Door-to-Door service offers the greatest comfort for your car transport. Your vehicle will be brought from the place of purchase to you directly on your doorstep. We combine the different types of logistics and allow you to save a considerable amount of time because you do not have to pick up the car at the port. Feel free to ask us for our door-to-door solutions.


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Trade fair & express logistics

For you as an exhibitor, it must be punctual and punctual on site. We ensure that your vehicles are on site at the agreed time and are also picked up on schedule, after the fair. We can realize this with single transporters as well as with closed group transporters. So your goods are in good hands and safe even in bad weather.



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